Alex Taylor

I shot some images of Alex Taylor quite a while ago for promo purposes, he had come to Charborough Studios to do a live music video, we arrange for him to come back and spend some time with me for a shoot.

We started shooting in the studio for a while, then went outside to a long wooden fence where I lit Alex with a flash from camera left, with a grid attached to narrow down the beam of light so the surrounding area in the shot went dark.

This is another example of leaving space in the image for text to advertise gigs, tours etc



Fleur Stevenson CD cover

I recently shot Fleur for another project of mine which is unrelated to my music imagery,
but as Fleur liked the image so much she used it on the cover of her new CD.

Originaly the shoot was for my new female portrait project called ‘GLORIOUS’ but I think the image
above suited her so well that it sells her fantastic jazz vocals.

The shoot was very simple, black paper background in the studio, one flash, high up and centred
and with a great look from Fleur……check her out here


Hugh Turner and Fleur Stevenson

I recently had a shoot at the great Artigiano Café in Reading with Jazz guitarist Hugh Turner and Jazz singer Fleur Stevenson who regularly play together.

I started with some shots of Hugh on his own in a black coat with his guitar against the bright yellow walls of the café, then with him sitting on the yellow leather sofa.

After a couple of hours we went to a derelict barn to continue the shoot and I got some really moody images of Hugh in his black coat among some old scaffolding.
















































Nathan Viricca

Another blast from the past…. this is Nathan Viricca, a guitarist from London.

We met on a very cold February morning at a pub for some interior shots, then we braved the cold for the image below, he had a great look and his music was on the dark side-very moody




Ella Martini:Redux

I recently got some new software called ‘Exposure’ which adds all manner of effects to an image, I don’t usually go in for anything that changes the image too far from the original, but I thought I would give it a try on an image of Ella Martini who I have photographed a few times. (BTW, she is in the top ten of the Spotify global viral chart)

There are some really cool blue tones in there, along with a very subtle burring affect. I think I like it!ella 28_8_2014-375ellablueweb

Steve Morano shoot at RYND

I recently met up with Musician Steve Morano at RYND bar in Reading to do a promo shoot to create some images that he could use for promo purposes.

The RYND bar in Reading has a fantastic interior, lots of old brickwork and old neon lettering with some wooden planks as wall panelling-ideal for a shoot.

We started off in front of a wooden pillar with just one light to add a bit of drama, then progressed to the brick wall with some great neon lettering on it which I included in the image.

For more info on Steve, please click here

Below are some images from the day, along with a set up shot showing the lighting position……

morano-34 _MG_6351


Tom Farrelly and his band The Third Lung, photographed in a pub garden in Windsor, big flash just to right of camera, high up, with the ambient light dropped down for some drama.

Bottom image is The Third Lung at Charborough Studios recording a live video.

Learn more about them here

third lung alma-22


















tom third lung-40

Ian Todd

Iv’e known Ian a while now, I first heard him play at an open mike evening and really liked his style.

He came to record at Live@Charborough and I also made a time to photograph him so he can have some promo images he can use in print and web.

todd sunbury-38

studio 9

BABYHOWL portraits

Iv’e photographed Babyhowl a few times now for various reasons, CD covers, promo images etc. The portraits below are from a very quick session after a live video recording at Charborough Studio. The lads had finished the last bit of recording so I set up a gridded light to one side of them, then photographed them one at a time.

I really like these gritty harsh images-it suits they’re music perfectly. Check them out here.

howl trio